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Vori is also a traditional recognized village. Here you will find the museum of Cretan Ethnology, which is expanded still every day.  The church of Agios Georgios Kontouratou is also recognized as an historical monument.   The same counts for the building of the family Stefanidis that is built in 19th century architectonic stile, traditional architecture and with neoclassic influences.  This is very important for the studies of architecture of a former rich intellectual village centre. In the area of  “Gournia” is a spring with running water, lots of green and plane trees.   Vori is unique, because it combines physical beauty with traditional architecture. In Vori is held every two years an agrarian exhibition to which thousands of people from all sides of Crete bring a visit. The second day after Easter there is a big party in Kardiotissa (For the holy mother).








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