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In Pitsidia you can find the historical monument “the tree sources”. The seaside place Matala belongs also to Pitsidia. Matala became in the sixties very famous because of the hippies who came here together from all over the world. Matala was the port of Festos during Minoan times and of Gortys during Roman times. Gortys did conquer Matala in 220 before Christ from Festos. The legend says that here the ships of Menelaos did sink when her returned from Troje. In Oktober 2002, because of a flood, they discovered at the beach of Matala Minoan walls. It is possible that in the near future many finds will be done at this beach. At the 27th of July it is the day of the holy Panteleimon and there is a traditional party with Cretan music.













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