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This village has a rich history from WW II. During the German occupation Margarikari was totally ruined, because Greek soldiers where hidden here. From Margarikari is the well-known Cretan hero Petrakogiorgis who was a freedom fighter and a rebel at the same time. At the time that the village was ruined, the Germans took 47 men for hostage. The hostages were brought to Piraeus, but they all drowned, because the Germans let the ship sink accidentally. In Margarikari is also a historical fort named  “Koule”, that is from the times of Turkish occupation. This fort is very worth full because of its architectural stile and historical richness that is closely connected to the Turkish occupation. Between Margarikari and Lagolio is a route of 5 km, where are to be seen many monuments. Except for the fort “Koule”, where indeed is a panoramic view to the Paximadia islands, there is also the traditional “Fabrica”. In the area of Sanida is a little church of Timios Stavros. From this point you can see the whole Messara valley and the bay of Messara. In Margarikari are traditional Cretan parties with Cretan music at the 15th of August and the 14th of September.







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