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The famous Ceramic pots are dated from the time of 2000 before C.  These pots are named to the village of Kamares. They are very special because they are very thin and precious. The beautiful and many-coloured paintings on the pots show that great artists made them and archaeologists counted them to the most beautiful of the prehistoric times. In these days the pots were made to export to Egypt and Cyprus. In 1890 the pots where discovered by Italian archaeologists in the cave of Kamares. According to the English archaeologic school of 1913 people lived in these caves at the Neolithic time and in the Minoan time it was a religious place of rituals. During WW-II the Germans ruined this village because of the fact that Greek soldiers where hidden here. Kamares is also famous because of the beautiful nature.


In Kamares are 4 magnificent gorges:

1.      De Large gorge (Megali Faragga. People say that here has never been a human being. At the entrance are steps that bring visitors to 300-350 meters low. The view is very impressive.

2.      De gorge of “Foulofaraggo”

3.      De gorge of “Spiliara”

4.      De gorge of “Sfaka”: This is the gorge between the caves and the village. The gorge is very hard to reach by feet, therefore people choose for walking the gorge of Spiliara.


If you like to stay the night in Kamares it is very good possible; there are thirty rentrooms and about hundred well preserved traditional houses for rent. At the 23rd of July, the day of the holy George, there is a Cretan public party. 







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